Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I've made a lot of banners. They're all featured on my Etsy site, this is just a small taste so check the rest out there. I'm currently in the process of adding to and improving my Etsy shop, any suggestions would be welcome. For instance; my sister Grace says I should brighten some of my photos, so I plan to do that. I've been brain storming some new products for the shop, those slippers from my previous post might be a good option, although they're pretty costly to make and would need to sell a few things to get me started. So far my only banner "Customers" are the Lovely Jon and Annie Heaps, I gave it as a wedding present during their recent nuptials.

These Particular banners are made from burlap, stitched with yarn and then strung onto some jute to give it that shabby chic, back country look. All the lettering is hand painted and the individual flags, after being ironed, are lined with a an adhesive to keep it from fraying. I plan on making some new ones with a bunch of scrap fabric and binding I have, soon as I get the studio in my new home in working order. I have a thing for banners, they just make me happy. I think it's because they represent celebration, joy, community and childlike wonder. All those things that make my world go round. So please browse, purchase, suggest, and above all be inspired!

Do enjoy!


Monday, January 9, 2012


At the end of last year I had a stint working at my beloved Joann Fabrics, so while worshiping at the alter of textiles I got to wander around the store thinking up different projects I could do. This project came along when I was putting away some patterns and stumbled upon one for these adorable slippers and thought, "Christmas Presents!" The hardest part in creating these (besides dealing with the fluffy lining) was finding and ordering the suede soles for the bottoms, the rest was just a blast! Needless to say my sisters loved them and I even made a pair for myself. If I make these again I think i will experiment in creating the soles myself with various materials, and I think I would probably put some strong interlining between the fabrics to make them more durable and have more structure.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Trying my hand at comics.

When I was in New York I met up with a guy by the name of Brandon Lisy that I met through a friend of a friend. We had lunch together because he does what I want to do (He's an editor/producer at ABC News) and I wanted to hear what he had to say about it. The moment we walked into the ABC Cafeteria he asked me if I was a Vegetarian, and though I'm not really I just tell people I am to squelch further questions. And apparently my hat gives me away.

Today I did a lot of waiting around for folks to come and work on the house in one way or another. Around 3pm the roofers showed up and proceeded to do whatever they do to "roof". Whatever it was it sounded like they were dropping bowling balls on the roof. If I wanted this to really be true to life I would have added my Cat Alister, cuz he was flipping out.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Montrose Beach

Yesterday was the first day of the year the temperature rose above 80 degrees in Chicago. It was a Sunday so naturally everyone headed down to the beach. The entire 28 miles of Chicago's lake shore is park land with 33 Beaches and other assorted harbors, piers and golf courses. I live just down the street from Montrose Beach and Montrose Harbor which has volley ball courts, a skate park, a sledding hill, a Bird sanctuary, a pier and countless vendors and rent-able boats in the summer. So on this beautiful, sunny and windy day I decided to take a walk down to the shore to dip my toesies into the ice cold spring water, and when it's nice outside, whatever month is may be, Chicago come's out to play. As I entered the park, music playing in my ears, I started passing families playing, couples canoodling and kissing, Dogs flipping out, and I thought it'd all be a nice moment to try to capture and share, Chicago coming out of it's hole. There is something very redemptive about Spring in Chicago, something you can't experience in places like L.A., and I'm still trying to figure out if it holds some value as a human experience, but my feeling is that it does.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Beautiful Me

This is my most recent project.

About a month ago I heard a friend of mine was doing this photo shoot and I decided it would be a good idea/interesting to film it. The photo shoot and data collected from the questionnaires the girls filled out were to be collaborated and turned into a short play that was going to be performed at the NPU winter one act festival, but the person who was heading the project dropped out. The girls involved in putting this all together called me up a week ago and said "Hey, since you have all that footage want to just make a video we can screen at the festival?" and I was like "TOTALLY!" and then I called up my friend Dustin who is an awesome musician and was like "Hey want to score a short doc by this time next week?" and he was like "TOTALLY!". And so this short film was born and will be screened on a big screen this week on Thursday and Saturday night at North Park University in the LHA.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Social Media Mogul

So since I'm a Social Media Mad woman I've started to sell myself as a social media manager under Uncanny Cat Media. A million thanks to my bff Darcie for making that amazing logo. My first client you ask? Gene's Sausage Shop, an amazing European style market that's been an establishment in Chicago for 37 years that opened up a second location a little over a year ago. I was hired there about 2 months ago as a cashier/deli girl and thought they could use my skills as a social media addict. I'm giving them my 30 day trial in hopes that they'll dig my skillzzz ;) Check it out and please stop by Gene's, this is really a place I believe in.

And let me know if you need my mad skillzzz.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I went to Tom Thumb for some hair for my puppets...

And I stumbled upon these little head boards for 99 cents each, couldn't resist. I figured I could do something with them, so I did! A little brown paint and water, a couple magazine cut out's and some glue and viola!

"Chewy Melodic Bits"

"My Attic Hurts"

"I'm free and ready, so we can go steady...how's about cookin somethin' up with me?"


P.S. I REEEEALLY need to find my digital camera chord...